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A room-by-room guide for spring cleaning this year

Ahead of your summer plans, it might be a good idea to do some cleaning — especially if you spent the better part of a year indoors, thanks to the coronavirus.

About three-quarters of Americans say they plan to do some spring cleaning this year, according to a YouGov survey. Our room-by-room spring cleaning guide was curated with the help of Angi Homeservices, a website that helps you find professionals in your area.

Here’s how to breeze through your deep-cleaning tasks and re-organize for the new season, too.

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty) (Kathrin Ziegler via Getty Images)

Tips for cleaning

Before you dig in, take 30 minutes to set up a plan for organizing your spring cleaning:

  • Space out your cleaning. A deep-clean might take longer than a day, so consider breaking down your tasks over the course of a couple of weekends or a month.

  • Clean room by room. This can help you focus on one space at a time and will make your workload more manageable. Consider creating checklists for each space.

  • Set up a system for clutter. While cleaning, you’ll probably uncover a bunch of stuff you just don’t need anymore. Plan to throw away, give away, sell, or put away these items.

  • Get others involved. Cleaning can be a household endeavor, whether you live with your family or a few roommates.

  • Get your supplies ready. Take a look at the supplies you already have and what you need to do in each room. Make sure you have a few rags, an all-purpose cleaner, a vacuum cleaner, and a mop.


  • Empty your fridge, wipe down all surfaces, and check the expiration date on each item before returning it.

  • Scrub down your sink, oven, microwave, dishwasher, stove, and other appliances.

  • Clear everything from your pantry shelves and wipe down the surface. Then reorganize and consolidate the items and check the expiration dates before returning.

  • Empty out your drawers and cabinets, then wipe them down. Consider donating small appliances, pots, pans, utensils, and dishes you don’t use.

  • Vacuum and mop the floors (including behind the big appliances).

  • If your laundry area is in the kitchen, clean the mildew from the washer by running a regular, empty cycle on a hot setting using a mix of water and vinegar. Then scrub down the interior and clean the dryer vent and exhaust system.

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty) (undrey via Getty Images)


  • Clean out and organize the closets and anything under your bed. This is a great time to donate or throw out things you don’t use anymore.

  • Wash the sheets, pillows, and mattress covers, and vacuum the mattress.

  • Wipe down the light switches, baseboards, windowsills, and walls from top to bottom.

  • Clean the curtains or wipe down blinds.

  • Go through your dressers and bedside tables to declutter and organize.

  • Vacuum and/or mop the floors.

Living room

  • Take everything off the shelves and wipe them down. Try to discard or donate at least a few things to help declutter.

  • Dust and wipe down electronics and furniture, including the coffee table, side tables, lamps, and blinds.

  • Vacuum the curtains, sofas, and chairs.

  • Vacuum and mop the floor or deep clean your rugs.

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty) (evgenyatamanenko via Getty Images)


  • Wipe down the shower, tub, sink, and toilet; then disinfect each surface.

  • Wipe down the mirrors, walls, and doors.

  • Wash and replace all towels and bath mats.

  • Spray and scrub around the base of the toilet to ensure a clean floor.

  • Vacuum and mop the floor.

Establish new cleaning habits

Once you’re done cleaning each room in your house, it’s a good time to plan ongoing cleaning habits. This can make the next spring cleaning even easier.

For instance, you might get into the habit of tidying up for 15 minutes every day or cleaning your house once or twice a month. Plan to organize one space every weekend so the clutter doesn’t build up and will give your home a fresh feel.

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