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A letter from the Cashay editors

Welcome to Cashay, a place that can help you better manage the money in your life.

Whether you’re choosing a credit card, buying your first home, trying to get out of debt, shopping for car insurance, worrying about losing your job, curious about cryptocurrency, paying for college, getting divorced, need an explainer on dollar cost averaging, or simply want to know what a stock is, we’d like to make these situations easier to manage.

We built this site to provide comprehensive information on various topics with the aim of empowering you to make informed decisions at key moments.

Some articles are about specific experiences with money — like our night at a co-living apartment — and there will be more of that over time. The Cashay team will be exploring the world of money along with you, and we are happy to be along for the journey.

We realize that any money magician needs a wand. Our calculators provide the ability to see what kind of monthly payments would be needed to erase various kinds of debt. Our essays from financial professionals relay advice on important topics. Our sample budgets supply starter kits for a foundation of personal finance. And we plan on adding more tools so you can tackle unique money situations as they arise.

We welcome your feedback about what’s on your mind — or if you have a story to tell — so we can improve this site and people’s financial lives.

Wherever you happen to be in your life, we hope to be here for you with valuable insights for any given moment. (Not sure what you’re looking for next? Check out our glossary.)


Janna Herron and Michael B. Kelley

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