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‘She Is The Music’ brings more women to the music industry

Alicia Keys is the founder of ‘She Is The Music,’ a non-profit organization that aims to bring more women into the music industry through mentorships and various series.

Video Transcript


ALICIA KEYS: She Is The Music really is, you know, a beautiful collective of women from all kinds of industry and walks of life, particularly in the music industry, but from the different places that-- the different professions.

It's just this beautiful, incredible collective of women who want to reach out to other women who are interested in the music industry and really allow there to be mentorships, create these mentorships, create the writing camps that would allow the percentages and numbers of women in the music industry to increase and to really continue to have, and to have more of, a seat at the table, which we're recognizing. And that imbalance is reflected in the world, for sure. But it's definitely reflected in the music industry.

We wanted to start something that created the momentum and the actual actions that would start to shift it. A lot of times you don't know where to start. You don't know how to break into a certain industry. You don't know who can mentor you. Is there a way that you can learn about this?

So these type of real-life experiences with really incredible, professional people who are in the business bringing in other women to be in the business, and men as well, by the way, bringing in other women to be at the table, to learn, to understand, to grow, to have an access point, is what She Is The Music is all about.